From Fire to LED — Cheers to Inventiveness

Fire as Serendipity The cradle of mankind was in Africa. And it was here that our ancestors first experienced fire as a random destructive event sent by nature. It is not known who was the brave one who began to use fire. But there is evidence that Iron Age humans were already utilising the “heaven-given”[…]

Light in architecture – no architecture without light!

Architecture and light are two sides of the same coin. Without light there is no architecture! Reason enough to delve a little into the subject and above all: to look at inspiring architectural examples! Architecture is the artful, correct and magnificent play of structures gathered under the light. Le Corbusier From its beginnings to the[…]

Good light promotes work performance and mental health

Sunlight has a significant influence on people’s mental health and performance. Therefore, artificial lighting also plays an important role in improving health and mood, as well as performance and safety in work environments. In addition, modern LED lighting impresses with its enormous energy-saving potential. The conclusion is that, in addition to efficiency considerations, the duty[…]

Reducing Energy Costs with LED Lighting

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode”. This is a special type of diode that emits light.

LED lamps often consist of several of these diodes arranged in series. Most LED lamps have a control unit that can dim the light or switch it on and off. LEDs are very energy-efficient light sources that are used in many different applications.

Workplace lighting: what are the requirements and regulations?

The lighting of the workplace plays an important role in productivity and well-being in the work environment. Proper lighting prevents eye pain and fatigue, promoting workplace effectiveness. Good workplace lighting is more than just meeting regulations and requirements. It means that the lighting in a workplace is designed to help employees do their jobs and[…]

2023 Brings the End of the Energy-Saving Lamp

With the upcoming turn of the year, there are also innovations in lighting. In 2023, the “energy-saving lamp” will share the same fate as the normal incandescent bulb a few years ago: Its introduction onto the market will be banned. The “energy-saving lamp” once set out to replace the incandescent lamp – less power consumption[…]

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